Charalambides Christis Reward Program

#MyMilk is evolving and is getting even better!

Our commitment at Charalambides Christis is to offer only the best. That’s why we are rewarding you for the love you have shown us, and that’s why we are improving our #MyMilk rewards programme. By embracing new technology, the Charalambides Christis #MyMilk programme is changing its operating system and is becoming, simpler, more up-to-date and more dynamic in order to provide an effective, speedy and flexible redemption process.

In addition, #MyMilk will be upgraded with more Charalambides Christis product categories.

The new #MyMilk platform will be launched on the 1st of March 2020. Until then, the redemption process will remain as it is until February the 29th.

Stay tuned, full details coming soon!

So, you will also be part of the Charalambides Christis community and enjoy the benefits! Register and get rewarded with fresh Charalambides Christis milk!  With every litre of fresh milk, you get 10 points. When you reach 500 points you are eligible to receive 2 litres of Cyprus fresh Charalambides Christis milk! 

  1. Register in the program either by downloading the App #myMilk or by visiting #myMilk reward program web site.  Once you activate your account, you are ready to start collecting points.

  2. Every time you buy Charalambides Christis fresh milk go in #myMilk App or on the web site and register the barcode and the unique number of each product.

  3. Once you have accumulated 500 points, we will send you 2 vouchers that can be redeemed for fresh Charalambides Christis milk.  You can choose among light, full, skimmed, plus+ calcium, delact and goat fresh Charalambides Christis milk.

For any questions, please email or call 77776650


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