1. When will I receive my vouchers? I have already selected the milk I want to receive. Vouchers will be sent out the third week of each month for the customers who accumulated 500 points by the 15th of the month.  Customers who have accumulated 500 points between the 16th of the month and the end of the month will receive their vouchers the first week of the following month.

  2. Why haven’t I received my vouchers yet?  Possibly you have entered a wrong mailing address during registration.  Please check your mailing address again and make any corrections necessary.  Then you will receive your vouchers the following month.

  3. Why haven’t I received the email to activate my account?  Please check the email you have entered during registration.  If the email address is correct, please check the spam/junk folder of your email.  If you are facing any other problem, please email mysupport@mymilk.com.cy or call 77776650.

  4. I cannot log in.  What can I do?  Please check if your login credentials are correct.  If you forgot your password, please go to ‘Forgot my password’ and complete your email address to receive a new password.

  5. Where can I redeem my vouchers?  You may redeem your vouchers at Alphamega hypermarkets, Athienitis hypermarket, MAS supermarkets , Metro hypermarkets, Papantoniou hypermarkets, Sklavenitis hypermarkets, Laiki Yperagora Stelios Andreou, SYPAL supermarkets,  Philippos Supermarket, Plus supermarkets, Kokkinos supermarket, Lysiotis Supermarket, Karseras Supermarkets & Mpakaliko, L&P Aristotelous Ltd, Galaxias Supermarket, Demosthenous Supermarket, Debenhams Foodhalls, SPAR Supermarket, Andreou Georgios-Makariou III Mpakaliko, Pandora bakeries, Vienna bakeries, Zorbas bakeries, Sigma bakeries and Sunfresh bakeries.

  6. Do I have to redeem all vouchers at the same time?  No, you can redeem as many vouchers as you like at a time at the chain you have selected for redemption.

  7. How long are vouchers valid for?  They are valid for around 5 weeks from the date issued. The validity period of each voucher is printed at the back of each voucher.  After the validity date, vouchers cannot be redeemed.

  8. I am trying to enter a unique number in the program and I get a message that I have reached the limit of the day.  What can I do?  This means you have already entered the maximum of 5 unique numbers you can enter within a day.  Please enter the remaining unique numbers tomorrow.

  9. Where can I see the points I have accumulated? The points you have accumulated are shown in your account once you log in. 

  10. Where can I see the purchases and redemptions I have done?  You may see them in ‘Transactions.’ 

  11. Can I change the milk I chose to redeem?  No, changing the gift is currently not possible.

  12. My unique number does not go through.  Why?  Please check the number again and make sure you are entering the right number.  
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